About Us
To provide excellent services to fulfill customer’s satisfaction and fosterwin-win relationships.


CSE Advance (SEL) Sdn Bhd was established in 2017 and has grown progressively over the years. We focus on providing engineering solutions for various industries and the principal activity of the company is in pumping system solutions for a wide range of projects such as residential & commercial buildings, factories, process plants, effluent treatment plants (ETP), water works and drainage systems, etc.

As part of our expansion, CSE has also broadened our reach into the Reverse Osmosis industry by providing design and build for processes, systems, storage tanks and filters. Our products have proven to be able to withstand the mostarduous environmental conditions and extensive usage over the years.

CSE strives to provide efficient after-sales onsite support for customers within the center to southern region, and our commitment to stringent cost control has enabled us to provide customers the most competitive prices.

Innovation is a constant factor in CSE, thus we strive to utilize the latest technology and method of approach, keeping us ahead of the competition with the eventual aim of exceeding customer’s expectations thus solidifying long-term partnership, as well as providing them our excellent products and services.
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